The Foundation

Our mission is to support the intellectual and physical development of as many people worldwide as possible, by enabling them to practice their hobby and share with like-minded people.

In their most basic sense, hobbies are activities we undertake in our free time for our own enjoyment. Whether we pursue them alone or in groups, hobbies are often the parts of our lives we find the most fascinating and for which we have the least time.

With our main online project HobbyEarth we help people practice their hobbies by giving them access to valuable information, locations, equipment and contacts that will save them time and money which can be used for practicing their hobby. It doesn’t matter what your hobby is, it just matters that you have a way to fill your free time with something that is all yours… something that feeds your soul. Hobbies have become an integral part of our lives and everyone on Earth should take full advantage of them.

HobbyEarth provides the opportunity to explore, share and unite around the experiences which excite you the most.

Our activity is aimed primarily at amateur practitioners of all hobbies and sports - both independently and in clubs. We find them mainly online through their blogs and through our presence in social networks to which they respond. We aim to assist them as they often have limited financial and time resources that lead to the inability to attract new members to their community or to connect with other people who practice the same hobby.

We are doing it because we believe hobbies, in general, make people happy and are the best stress reliever known to man. In the modern era where stress lurks on every corner, we think that providing people with the ability to enjoy themselves we are helping in building a better tomorrow for everybody.